More About Me

Real estate is a family business. My mother, father, and grandfather were all realtors, and I spent much of my childhood attending open houses. I loved exploring all the nooks and crannies and discovering the characteristics that made each home unique. I didn’t pursue real estate right away, but after a rewarding yet demanding career in tech sales, I decided to make a change. And, happily, I’ve never looked back.

Real estate might be in my blood, but people are the heart of my business. It’s not about price-point or neighborhood, but the relationships that I get to build with my clients. From helping first-time buyers find their perfect place to guiding sellers through successful sales, it is so rewarding to see my clients achieve their real estate goals.

I take a hands-on approach with every client. I’m proud to have earned a reputation for delivering excellent results and exceptional service by providing meticulous care, expert negotiation, and a wealth of knowledge. However, I think that the warmth and friendliness I bring to every search and sale is what truly sets me and my business apart.

I’m always there for my clients and handle all the details—from the smallest and simplest to the unexpectedly complex—with discretion and grace. I work hard to make a positive impact and do whatever is needed to take the stress and guesswork out of often overwhelming experiences.

I live on Mercer Island with my husband Pete and our two daughters, Grace and Julia. I’m very active in my community. I volunteer for our local chapter of National Charity League (NCL), serve as a family advocate for Mercer Island Launch Educational Advocacy Program (MILEAP), and participate in many other community activities throughout the year. I also donate a portion of every transaction to The Windermere Foundation, which supports many local charities and nonprofits through the Puget Sound region.

While Mercer Island is my backyard, I think I am optimally situated to get the best of both the greater Seattle area and the Eastside, and I can easily help buyers and sellers on both sides of the lake.