Tips, Trends & Living February 2, 2016

There’s No Place Like Home…

geography-inspired_Julie Wilson blog post (4)

When I daydream about my favorite places, San Francisco, Portland and Seattle filter to the top. I’ve lived in the three regions these cities are in and I adore each city for its unique culture and urban landscape. Where I have lived has helped shape me into the person I am, and build the family we are. That is incredibly special to me.  

Just daydreaming about my cities was not enough – I love to ponder about my special places on a regular basis, and share the stories that define my time in each place.  By including geography inspired décor within my home, I get fond reminders all the time about the places I’ve called home.

Geography accessories do not need to be limited to a map. I snagged my 3 city pillows at West Elm before they were discontinued.  They’re simple – a square linen cover, in the color Flax, with black type. I found an Etsy shop that sold complementary city swag where I could get a Zip Code rectangular pillow to show case my current home town, Mercer Island. It’s a cotton, linen blend cover with a coordinating natural hue and black lettering. I get asked by visitors all the time to share the stories of these accessories, which I love to oblige! I recount my California days growing up, or how I would meet up with my best friend Shauna in Portland, or the fun my girls have on swim team and in choir right here on Mercer Island.

Maybe you'd like to incorporate some geography into your own interior decorating, and you are partial to maps but want them to be showcased in a unique way.  Etsy is your hunting grounds, then!! You can have a canvas map designed to show where you and your sweetie met – Where It All Began. Serve an adult beverage in a rocks glass with your favorite metro map etched on it – Maps Rocks Glass. An artistically cut mat and map highlight the place you call home, perfect to frame and add to your personal photo gallery – HOME.

Houzz never disappoints when you are looking for interior design inspiration.  Check out Guest Picks: Decorating with Maps and Geography for even more ideas to deck out your home with reminders of your special places. I have to tell you – I have a regional dish towel, and it makes me SMILE each time I use it.  It whisks me back to my childhood and my heartwarming memories of sunny CA. I may need to pick a few more to hold in reserve when my current towel wears out, I use it that much!

Now it’s your turn.  Do you have any geography décor in your home? What is one accessory you would like to add to a room that reminds you of a special place?  Please share in the comment section – bonus points if you add links to where the item can be purchased, or a tutorial of how to make it.