Q2 2018 Seattle-Eastside Real Estate Report

Q2 Market Snapshot


Signs of transition to a more balanced market are becoming abundantly clear as we move further into 2018. Price growth, while still climbing in most areas, has tapered off and average market times are inching up. Brokers are beginning to dust off forms that have seen little use of late—finance and inspection contingencies—as buyers gain a stronger foothold at the negotiating table.


Some homes are still garnering multiple offers and commanding incredible prices and terms, but many more are seeing negotiations more equalized with fewer buyers at the table. Seattle has needed this return to balance for a very long time. It is likely that buyers who were beaten down and bruised over the past couple of years will return to the house hunt, but it will likely be on their own terms. Waiving all contingencies, releasing a substantial earnest money to the seller up front, and giving the seller a period of free possession after closing will be reserved for only the most coveted homes.


On the other hand, being able to conduct thorough due diligence on a prospective home over a comfortable period after offer acceptance is a buyer right that is returning to the picture. It has been a long time since that was even possible in the hottest neighborhoods. So long, it seems almost foreign. Yet that equalization of power is long overdue and needed to stabilize our market.


Overall median Q2 ‘17 to Q2 ‘18 prices in Seattle rose 11.3% to $801,000, while the Eastside rose 9.1% to $960,000. The average cost per home square foot was $459 in Seattle and $426 on the Eastside (which tends to have larger homes—2,752 square feet vs Seattle’s 2015 square feet—and thus a lower cost per square foot to construct).


Home mortgage interest rates have continued to rise, averaging 4.54% in Q2 putting continued pressure on buyers to purchase before they are simply priced out of the Seattle-Eastside market. Our region is entering a sweet spot where home prices are stabilizing and have likely peaked but interest rates are still affordable. Because rising interest rates have a much larger impact on the monthly mortgage than home price, values would have to fall pretty sharply to offset the impact of a 1-2% increase in mortgage interest rates.


Q2 Market Snapshot


Seattle Report

Up 20.7%, affordable Richmond Beach and Shoreline saw the strongest price growth in Q2 followed closely by Lake Forest Park and Kenmore at 19.4%. West Seattle, South Seattle, Madison Park/Capitol Hill, and Queen Anne/Magnolia all saw increases in the mid-teens. Surprisingly, Ballard-Greenlake and North Seattle—strong contenders in the past couple of years—slowed to 11.8% and 6.3% respectively.

Click here to view the complete report for a neighborhood by neighborhood breakdown of Average Sale Price, size, and number of homes sold.



Eastside Review

Kirkland was the height of the storm on the Eastside drawing a median price gain of 30.6% over Q2 of last year. This was very loosely followed by Juanita/Woodinville at 14.4%, West Bellevue at 14.0%, and Redmond at 11.2%. South Eastside 7.5%, East Bellevue 7.4%, East of Lake Sammamish 6.9%, and Mercer Island 4.5%, all below the Eastside median, represented the fringe of Q2 appreciation.

Click here for the full report and neighborhood-by-neighborhood statistics!



Mercer Island Report

Mercer Island, with only two homes priced below $1 million, struggles with the lack of affordability at mainstream price points. While the number of $1-2 million homes for sale is up sharply (46%), finally giving buyers more options to choose from, the pace of sales in that price point has cooled off as buyers wait for the perfect home. A glut of homes for sale in the $3-5 million range—up 67% over this time last year—has caused that segment of the market to stagnate. Homes in the $2-3 million and $5 million plus ranges have fared slightly better than their middle sibling. Mercer Island condos, the only affordable option on the Island, have soared in value with recent sale prices creating shock waves within the industry.

Click here to view the complete report for a neighborhood by neighborhood breakdown of Average Sale Price, size, and number of homes sold.



Condo Report

The number of Seattle metro condos for sale has steadily climbed in Q2 while those available in downtown Bellevue have diminished. Condo prices have continued to outpace their residential counterparts as demand to affordably own vs rent at astronomical prices drives buyer interest. Seattle condos appreciated 20.4-34.6% in all but two markets, North Seattle up 5.6% and SODO/Beacon Hill down 4.5%. On the Eastside, condos were up 13.3-35.2% except for Kirkland up 8.2% and West Bellevue down 3.5%. Not included in these numbers are the newly underway Bosa 188 condos which have a significant number of pending sales that will not close until 2020.

Check out all of these factoids and more in the full condo report.



Waterfront Report

Seattle and Mercer Island have fewer waterfront homes for sale in Q2 this year than in either of the past two years. The Eastside is up very slightly while Lake Sammamish has more than three-fold the number of homes for sale over the same time. The highest closed sale in Q2 was a NW-facing 1937 Yarrow Point estate on 100 feet of waterfront and just over an acre of land for $10 million. The most affordable waterfront sale was a Ripley Lane 2003-built home with 140 feet of waterfront for just shy of $1.7 million.

Check out the full Waterfront Report for a complete list of waterfront home sales by address and community.



We earn the trust and loyalty of our brokers and clients by doing real estate exceptionally well. The leader in our market, we deliver client-focused service in an authentic, collaborative and transparent manner and with the unmatched knowledge and expertise that comes from decades of experience.


© Copyright 2018, Windermere Real Estate/Mercer Island. Information and statistics derived from Northwest Multiple Listing Service and deemed accurate but not guaranteed.

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Outdoor Living Trends for Summer 2018

Outdoor Living Trends for Summer 2018 - Windermere Mercer Island


The sun is back and summer is so close you can almost taste the s’mores being toasted around the fire pit…is this the year to spruce up your outdoor spaces? Fun new trends in alfresco design revolve around individuality of lifestyle and a desire to bring the inside out with rooms, furniture and lighting that would all be equally at home indoors. Cheesy, bulky and loud are out–quality, artisan and subtle are in. Here are some ideas to get you started:


1. Experiential Design

Newer outdoor concepts centered around the experiences of the owner–such as meditation gardens, outdoor movie screens, fireplaces/fire pits, children’s play spaces, and even life-size chess–are gradually replacing the cookie cutter yards of the past.

2. Chic Lighting

While Charlie Brown string lights have had their days in the sun, new trends are heading toward more sophisticated lighting fixtures. Shaded lamps, artisan and vintage fixtures are good choices for outdoor rooms and patios. We’re also seeing more indirect, low lighting that doesn’t compete with the stars.


3. Open Air Rooms

As weather-proof technology and materials improve, more homeowners are creating permanent outdoor living rooms, dining rooms, kitchens, and entertaining bars. Mildew-resistant curtains or folding glass doors can enclose the space as needed, while fireplaces or built-in space heaters keep things comfortable year-round.

4. Subtle Neutrals

We’re seeing a transition from bold stripes and colors to a softer palette with neutral tans, greys, greens, and dark blues. More discreet patterns follow the “indoors out” trend.

Photo courtesy of Kerry Joyce Associates.

5. Indoor Quality Furniture

Lighter fine-boned wood furniture with luxe upholstery is usurping those blocky, heavy, dark aluminum and plastic pieces that bake in the sun. Comfort and quality are key, with designer statement chairs and unexpected wicker pieces that are a far cry from your grandma’s wicker.

6. Alternative Flooring Materials

Many homeowners are moving beyond the rug, using new budget-friendly materials such as porcelain pavers or beechwood deck tiles to create a seamless indoor-to-outdoor look.

7. Smart Outdoor Tech

Whether it’s smart sprinklers that use soil moisture and weather data to adjust their water output, quieter & cleaner electric mowers, or 3D imaging programs that help landscapers develop and visualize designs, the world of smart technology is definitely making its way outdoors.




We earn the trust and loyalty of our brokers and clients by doing real estate exceptionally well. The leader in our market, we deliver client-focused service in an authentic, collaborative and transparent manner and with the unmatched knowledge and expertise that comes from decades of experience.

©2018, Windermere Real Estate/Mercer Island

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Free Recycling & Shredding Event May 19th

Free Recycling Event Saturday, May 19th from 9am to 2pm


Hosted in our Parking Lot:

2737 77TH AVE SE


Bring your recyclable items (working or not) to the event. All recycling services are free!

We’re also sponsoring a Confidential Data Disposal truck for free, secure shredding of sensitive documents.

Saturday, May 19th
9 am – 2 pm

What we can recycle:

  • Most electronics, working or not, whole or in part
  • Scrap metal of any kind ferrous and non-ferrous
  • Appliances
  • Washers and dryers
  • Water heaters
  • Water coolers
  • Dishwashers
  • Small appliances, blenders, toasters, coffee makers, bread makers, kitchen wear, metal pots
  • Computers and computer Accessories
  • Flat Screen Computer monitors (no CRTs please)
  • Desktop PC Computers, Servers, Server racks
  • Laptop and Notebook Computers
  • Scanners and Copiers
  • Laser and Inkjet Printers
  • Fax Machines and All-In-One devices
  • Printer cartridges, toner cartridges
  • Computer speakers
  • Circuit Boards/Motherboards
  • Radios
  • Receivers
  • Speakers
  • CD Discs, DVD Discs, Media
  • Computer Parts
  • Desktop Computers
  • Keyboards
  • Laptops
  • Floppy Disks
  • Mixed Components
  • Modems
  • Multi Line Phones
  • Networking Hardware
  • PBX Systems
  • Phone Systems
  • PDA/Handheld Systems
  • Phone Answering Machines
  • Photo Copy Machines
  • Printer Parts
  • Printers
  • External Connectors
  • Fax Machines
  • Disk Drives
  • Batteries (not household alkaline batteries)
  • Larger Batteries/ Car Batteries
  • Dry Cell NiCad Batteries
  • Used Computer Items
  • Keyboards and mice
  • Backup UPS systems and UPS batteries
  • Cell Phone Batteries/ Laptop Batteries
  • Home Phones
  • Home Entertainment
  • Small Answering Machines
  • Stereo Equipment
  • DVD Players
  • VCR Players
  • Cellular Phones and Accessories
  • Used Paging Equipment
  • Cable TV Converter Equipment
  • CB’s
  • Chargers (cell phones)
  • Radio Equipment
  • Remote Control Handsets
  • Satellite TV Equipment
  • Scanners
  • Single Line Phones
  • Typewriters
  • Two Way Radios
  • VCR (Video Cassette Recorders)
  • Voicemail Systems
  • Video Cameras
  • Walkie Talkies
  • Wires and Connectors
  • Cables
  • Medical equipment
  • Vehicles
  • Motorbikes
  • Bicycles
  • Scooters
  • Tractors
  • Metal furniture, metal file cabinets, metal desks, metal shelving, metal window frame (please no glass)
  • Lawnmowers (please no gasoline)
  • Edgers
  • Generators
  • Metal patio furniture
  • Garden tools
  • Weed eaters
  • Metal containers
  • Books
  • Refrigerators

We cannot accept the following:

  • Wood furniture
  • CRT televisions (flat screens OK)
  • CRT monitors (flat screens OK)
  • Chemicals
  • Paint
  • Tires
  • Lightbulbs
  • Glass
  • Gasoline
  • Oil

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Q1 2018 Seattle-Eastside Real Estate Report

Q1 Market Snapshot


Q1 prices in the Seattle-Eastside region have escalated yet again with no sign of slowing in the immediate future. An unprecedented lack of inventory for sale coupled with rising interest rates has prompted buyers to compete with reckless abandon to win the prize of their very own home, albeit with a steep price tag.


Overall median prices in Seattle rose 16.1% to $770,000, while the Eastside rose 13.0% to $944,000. Those regional numbers certainly don’t tell the whole story, especially when you consider the highest change in median sale price was nearly 46% and the lowest was a -4%. New construction sales, or lack thereof, made the biggest impact on home sale prices. Existing homes, offering good walkability or commute options, and those that were on the more affordable end of the pricing spectrum saw the strongest appreciation overall.


Rising mortgage interest rates, now up a full percentage point from their lows, are adding fuel to the fire. While not dampening buyer demand yet, further increases will likely begin to price home buyers out of the core Seattle-Eastside region. Homebuyer fear of being priced out of the market is at least partly to blame for the crazed demand at more modest price points.


As predicted, many who don’t have a need to be close in to the metro region are choosing to sell at a high and buy more affordably outside of the Seattle-Eastside area. The rate of tear-down new construction infill has escalated at staggering numbers as builders capitalize on the market’s appetite for fresh and new.


Buyers today should consider their purchase thoughtfully as buying at or near the peak of the market can limit their resale options when the market corrects. Planning to stay put for five to seven years is a good strategy at this time.


Q1 Market Snapshot


West Seattle leads the pack in median home price growth on the Seattle side of the lake. With its vibrant, hip vibe and convenient access to the city, West Seattle has benefited from Seattle’s commute gridlock—maintaining status quo while other Seattle neighborhoods have come to a halt (literally).

Seattle Report

Queen Anne saw a nice rebound in Q1 after lagging the Seattle averages for some time. South Seattle, with its light rail access, affordable prices, and new vitality, continues to see its real estate market thrive.

Click here to view the complete report for a neighborhood by neighborhood breakdown of Average Sale Price, size, and number of homes sold.



Significant new home development at higher price points has led the market in West Bellevue and Kirkland and brought up everything else along with it.

Eastside Review

With land values alone higher than average home sale prices in surrounding communities, this growth will have long-lasting impacts that will forever change the flavor of these communities–for better (fresh new housing stock) and worse (the lack of affordable options). Kirkland led this charge with a median sale price 45.9% higher than Q1 last year, followed by West Bellevue at 23.1%.

Click here for the full report and neighborhood-by-neighborhood statistics!



Overall, a much higher percentage of mid-range homes sold in the first quarter than in quarters past, giving the appearance of falling prices. In reality, however, it was actually a downward shift of the segment of the market that is selling.

Mercer Island Report

Don’t let the negative number for Q1 fool you. The market below the two-million-dollar mark is vastly different than the market above it. With the most severe shortage of available homes in mid-range price points Mercer Island has seen, especially early in Q1 this year, the sub $2 million market has been brisk and competitive with strong price escalation. The $2 million and above market has been a different story altogether. While highly desirable homes in that bracket have transacted quickly, many other less notable homes have languished on the market.

Click here to view the complete report for a neighborhood by neighborhood breakdown of Average Sale Price, size, and number of homes sold.



Still the only affordable option for many home buyers today, condos have continued to escalate in value with appreciation rates above those of residential homes in many areas.

Condo Report

On the Eastside, new condo and townhome developments in Crossroads and Rose Hill drove prices up to new highs in those communities. Richmond Beach and Shoreline benefited from an infusion of new construction standalone condominium ‘homes’ on very small lots.

Check out all of these factoids and more in the full condo report.



Waterfront Report

Several significant sales accented an otherwise unremarkable quarter. A $26.8 million iconic Medina estate on 2.5 acres with 150 feet of waterfront set a new benchmark on the Eastside. Two $8+ million homes on the north end of Mercer Island–both newer construction with over 7,000 square feet–set the tone for the Island in 2018. Lake Sammamish, with a $4.2 million sale in Q1, is still in hot demand, while Seattle saw only three modest waterfront sales.

Check out the full Waterfront Report for a complete list of waterfront home sales by address and community.



We earn the trust and loyalty of our brokers and clients by doing real estate exceptionally well. The leader in our market, we deliver client-focused service in an authentic, collaborative and transparent manner and with the unmatched knowledge and expertise that comes from decades of experience.


© Copyright 2018, Windermere Real Estate/Mercer Island. Information and statistics derived from Northwest Multiple Listing Service and deemed accurate but not guaranteed.v

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Planning ahead: how tax reform will impact your home deductions next year

2018 Tax Changes for Home Owners


While you may still be busy filing your 2017 taxes, it’s important to look ahead and be aware of how the new 2018 tax reform laws will affect next year’s return–especially if you’re a homeowner. Those who itemize will need to note some big changes in what they can and cannot deduct. Many will instead choose to use the new higher standard deduction ($12,000 for single individuals and $24,000 for joint returns) rather than itemizing their deductions.

What can you do now? Check in with your accountant for advice specific to your situation and filing status. Also, you’ll probably want to update your withholding amount to reflect the new deduction amounts. In the meantime, here is the skinny on 5 changes that may affect you if you own a home…


1. Mortgage Interest Deduction

The deduction that allows homeowners to reduce their taxable income by the amount of mortgage interest they pay has been scaled back.

  • For loans taken out after 12/14/17, you can now only deduct mortgage interest paid on the first $750,000 of combined debt for primary and secondary residences (or $375,000 if married filing separately).
  • Current loans of up to $1 million are grandfathered and are not subject to the new $750,000 cap if they were taken out before 12/15/17 (or if you entered into your purchase contract prior to 12/15/17 and the sale closed by 1/1/18).
  • You can continue to deduct the interest on grandfathered loans even if you refinance.


2. Home Equity Loan Deduction

Under the former tax law, you were able to deduct the interest on up to $100,000 of home equity debt even if the proceeds were used for something other than buying or improving the home (for example, an equity line of credit used to pay college tuition). This is now no longer the case.

  • New 2018 law eliminates the deduction for interest on home equity debt unless it’s used to buy, build, or substantially improve the home that secures the loan.
  • Loans to buy second homes do not qualify for the interest deduction if they’re taken out against the equity of your primary home.


3. Deduction for Property & Sales Taxes

Tax relief for homeowners who pay property taxes has also been limited.

  • Itemized deductions for property taxes, sales taxes, state income taxes, and any other local taxes will now be limited to a combined total of $10,000.
  • The combined limit drops to $5,000 if married filing separately.


4. Deduction for Moving Expenses

While you used to be able to deduct some moving expenses when you moved for a new job, this deduction has been repealed for everyone except active-duty members of the armed forces.


5. Deduction for Casualty Losses

Under former law, substantial losses to your home and personal property through things like fires and robberies could be deducted from your taxable income. Under the new law, this deduction is eliminated for everything except presidential-declared natural disasters.


Want to know more?


The above article is presented for informational purposes only and is not intended to replace professional tax advice from your accountant.

“The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act – What it Means for Homeowners and Real Estate Professionals,” by the National Association of Realtors
“5 Homeownership Changes Coming Under New Tax Law” by NerdWallet
“Tax Reform” by the Internal Revenue Service


We earn the trust and loyalty of our brokers and clients by doing real estate exceptionally well. The leader in our market, we deliver client-focused service in an authentic, collaborative and transparent manner and with the unmatched knowledge and expertise that comes from decades of experience.

©2018, Windermere Real Estate/Mercer Island

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Islander Middle School Staff Appreciation Luncheons

IMG_0728When my younger daughter, Julia, wrapped up 5th grade at Lakeridge Elementary last year to join her sister Grace at Islander Middle School, I thought that my time as a parent volunteer was drawing to a close.

Over the summer I learned that my perceptions were incorrect. With children at two different schools, I had not zeroed into all the opportunities there are at Islander Middle School (IMS) to provide much needed assistance to the staff, teachers, and students at the middle school level. I joined the IMS PTA board, which gave me a whole new world view regarding the need for parent volunteers. We are truly needed!

When our kids reach their early teens some of them don’t want us to be an active part of their daily school life, aka “I don’t want you to be seen by my friends at school!” That can make it a tough choice for parents who want to be involved. Plus, staff and teacher time have to fill the gaps made by the loss of parent volunteers. I learned through my new connection to IMS that there are *so many* tasks and jobs that make a HUGE difference at the school, but don’t involve much contact with your child and her friends.  It’s a total win-WIN!

IMG_0702_resizedI decided to join my friend Melanie Werdel and tackle monthly staff appreciation luncheons at the middle school. As co-VPs of Staff Appreciation, we coordinate finding chairs/co-chairs (fun to do with a friend!) and volunteers for each monthly luncheon, provide support for theme and menu ideas (Pinterest!), coordinate decorations and donations, plus roll up our sleeves to assist with making each lunch a special event for our IMS staff. Melanie and I chaired the first event in August so we could learn the ins and outs of putting one on since we were new at our roles. It was so fun! We hosted  breakfast, lunch and secured a mobile espresso cart (donated by four families) for a mid-afternoon treat for the Teacher training/prep day. The community support was overwhelming….families baked yummy treats, our favorite Southend Starbucks donated to the cause, and our local Homegrown contributed to make our IMS faculty and staff feel appreciated.

IMG_0725Angela Brown and Janet Smith co-chaired the September luncheon and did a phenomenal job coordinating and serving lunch in the brand new teachers  lounge. Again, the support we received from the IMS parent community was huge. When Angela and Janet sent out the sign-up it was filled within 24 hours with four different kinds of chili, all of the fixings, delicious salads, and homemade baked treats. The teachers and staff were so appreciative!

If you are an IMS parent, and would like to chair/co-chair, help, or donate at future staff appreciation luncheons, below is the calendar of upcoming dates. Please contact me at (206) 225-1500, or email me at at Julie.Wilson@windermere.com to let me know which luncheon you would like to volunteer at, and in what capacity. We need to provide food about 50 people at both Lunch A (11:20-11:50) and Lunch B (12:20-12:50). We also need volunteers to set up, serve during lunch periods, and clean up. Thank you so much!!IMG_0701

October               Thurs 10/27

November           Thurs 11/17

December           Tues 12/13 (Mobile espresso cart and cookie exchange)

January                Thurs 1/19

February              Thurs 2/9

March                  Thurs 3/16

April                      Thurs 4/20

May                      Thurs 5/4

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Ready, Set, Recycle – For FREE!

Julie-W-May-Recycle-ImageI’ve been going through a major overhaul of my office.  It’s been taking me a while, and it has resulted in quite a few items I need to find new homes for, or just plain recycle.  It can be a hassle to find a convenient place to take many of these things, but I have a solution for this problem! My office, Windermere Real Estate on Mercer Island, is hosting our annual recycle event in a few weeks – and it’s a totally FREE event!

The recycle event is scheduled for Saturday, June 11th, 10am – 2pm. It’s held right in our office parking lot and there will be a station for recycling old electronics, appliances, batteries, ink toner cartridges, Christmas tree lights, and medical equipment. Then there will be a station to bring your old bikes and bike parts. And then there will be a station to securely shred your old documents. How’s that for the trifecta of recycling?!

Click here for more details. If you have any questions about the event, please email me at Julie.wilson@windermere.com.

PS– We’ll also be accepting voluntary donations for Mercer Island Youth and Family Services at this event.  They are our Windermere Foundation grant partner.

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Ramblers – So Much To Love About This Style Of Home

Wil_011 copy - Copy_resizedI’ve been honored to work recently with two clients who wanted to sell their rambler style homes on Mercer Island.  I’ve fallen deep for this kind of home. Ramblers possess good flow from room to room, supporting the ability to reside in casual elegance throughout all the spaces. Ramblers on Mercer Island often have vaulted ceilings, which give such an airy feeling to the main living areas. And the generous windows bring in so much light. This light, it’s the icing– it makes the rooms feel warm, inviting and homey.

I’d like to share with you a bit of history about this style of house. It’s pretty fascinating, especially since the popularity of one level living is quite high again in our current housing market. I think it is so cool how what was in vogue over 50 years ago has gain so much appeal again today.

The one-level living of a rambler, or ranch-style house, was all the rage for over 40 years, from the 1930s to 1970s. Ramblers were often nestled into tract-style suburban neighborhoods, ready for returning WW2 and Korean war veterans and their newly formed families. Casual living coupled with an outdoor connection to a private backyard space were the cornerstones of rambler homes. Two car garages became the suburban standard for these homes, as workers commuted by car to work in nearby metro areas.

Both the Prairie Style homes designed by Frank Lloyd Wright and the casual pre-WW2 Bungalow style influenced the design of the rambler.  Architect Cliff May is credited with building the first rambler home in San Diego, CA back in 1932. Due to the simple nature of the house design, where three key principles of livability, flexibility, and unpretentiousness were reflected in the plans, the rambler was both economical to build Wil_018 copy_resizedand purchase. Decorative finishes were kept at a minimum. This low-key mindset evolved into the sleek, modernist vibe of the mid-century modern rambler that took hold of the new construction scene during the 1950s and 1960s. 

With the rambler’s roots planted in sunny California, the thought process behind the design was to let in much natural light and establish a notable connection to outside. The use of large sliding glass doors that led to a backyard patio is a standard element of a rambler. This style was the first widely-produced design where the outdoor space was considered part of the home.

Wil_001-EditedThe home design’s connection to nature has helped contribute to the resurgence of popularity of the rambler for today’s homebuyers in our region. 1st time homebuyers with growing families enjoy the outdoor spaces included with the home, and are drawn to the cool mid-century aesthetic so many Seattle area ramblers possess. Downsizing Boomers like the one-level living option ramblers provide that will support aging-in-place. Ramblers have minimal stairs, with most (to all) living areas residing on the one level.

I love how the generous lots ramblers are situation on provide the space to add shed-style small spaces that are so popular right now. My new mid-island listing on Mercer Island has a playhouse shed my clients converted into a meditative workout spot. They call it the “Zen den.” How neat is that?! 

Now it’s your turn. If you love the rambler style home as much as I do, let me know what parts of this design style grab you the most. Please share in the comment section! 

Photo Credit: Tucker English


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Cooking With All Things Trader Joe’s For The Win!

IMG_8190A lovely, delicious meal, and engaging conversation, is my idea of the perfect evening. However, there’s a bunch of work that must be done prior to actually cooking and eating, like grocery shopping. And some weeks this chore is difficult to complete.

I’m sure I’m not the only person who struggles with fitting grocery shopping into my busy week. Our family has distinct lists for Costco, Trader Joes and QFC (the trifecta). It can be so overwhelming to work in mega shopping trips at all three stores into my schedule.

Since I am an "all or nothing" person, if I can't hit all three stores on my shopping day the shopping might not happen. Luckily, if I can make it to one store, Trader Joe’s, we’re set to serve some incredibly yummy meals at our dinner table with a minimal amount of effort. Our secret to dinner-time success hinges on the fantastic and easy recipes contained in "Cooking with All Things Trader Joe’s" by Deanna Gunn and Wona Miniati. These fun, creative and easy meals, all made from ingredients located at only one store, are perfect for those nights I am on duty to drive my girls to their activities, or my husband and I are working late. They are so simple that everyone in the family can prepare them in a pinch. When I first heard about this cookbook I was so in!

A few of our favorites are "Red Curry Halibut" (page 133), "California Fish Tacos" (Page 95), "Peanutty Sesame Noodles" (page 55), and my daughters love to make "One Bowl Peach & Blueberry Cobbler" (page 206). Not only is this cobbler delicious, it only requires one dish for super easy cleanup – LOVE!

IMG_8215I can’t give this cookbook enough kudos. It has saved the day for me more times than I can count.  The authors also penned eight other “Cooking with All Things Trader Joe’s” books including ones dedicated to vegetarian meals and gluten free cooking.  If you are only going to buy one cookbook this year, one of these TJ books by Gunn and Miniati must be what you put in your Amazon cart. With Amazon Prime shipping it can be on your doorstep in only 2 days– score!  

Photo Credit: Gracie Wilson 





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2016 Cost vs. Value Remodeling Report For Seattle – get the scoop here!

Feb-16-JWThe recently released Remodeling 2016 Cost vs. Value Report for Seattle (www.costvsvalue.com) contains incredibly helpful information on what are the best home projects to undertake that may yield the highest return on your investment when selling your home. I have the details on these best projects, plus the 10 worst projects with the lowest ROI for homes in Seattle. Get to scoop by clicking here:  http://juliewilsonrealestate.com/remodel/ 

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Posted on February 12, 2016 at 3:38 pm
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